Rosedale Goes to New Hampshire

Amy Seagroves began volunteering at the Rosedale Center while a freshman at Fordham University and continued through her senior year. Like many Rosedale volunteers, Amy found that her work at Rosedale brought deeper meaning to her college career, and she shared her experience with friends and family at home. When Amy left Fordham to attend medical school, her mother Suzy picked up where her daughter left off.

Mrs. Seagroves, a science teacher at Bishop Brady High School in Concord, New Hampshire, began bringing students to the Bronx for volunteer service trips. Her students arrive at the Center bright and early on Saturday morning and work with both middle and high-school students into the afternoon. They also bring many donations for art activities and baskets for family benefit raffles.

Over the years, the Bishop Brady students and members of the Rosedale High School Club have developed friendships during their weekends together. This past year, Mrs. Seagroves and a fellow teacher, Mrs. Damour, invited the High School Club to New Hampshire for Rosedale’s annual college trip.

The two groups visited the University of New Hampshire, where students attended an information session with Mr. Richard Haynes, the diversity counselor in the Office of Admissions. Afterwards, they took a campus tour with a Bishop Brady alum. On Sunday the groups visited St. Anselm College with Meghan Reilly, a St. Anselm grad who is currently interning at Rosedale. To cap it all off, the Bishop Brady team reserved cabins at a local retreat site, where the students camped, played sports, hiked, and cooked s’mores.

For Rosedale students, the trip was an opportunity to visit colleges and experience the greenery of New Hampshire. But it also brought together students from different walks of life to share their gifts and experiences with one another. One of the most memorable moments of the weekend came when Emely Martinez, a longtime Rosedale student, pulled out her guitar and along with Lorena Peralta and Britney Vargas began leading the whole cabin of twenty girls in song.

Though the time they share is relatively short, the Brady and Rosedale women have begun to build friendships that will hopefully mature with each visit. Their partnership is testimony to the good that can come from the efforts of just one dedicated volunteer.