Our mission



SBEF’s mission is to foster the development of young people so that they may go on to lead productive lives and build healthy families. We offer programs in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere that promote intellectual, cultural and moral growth of youth. We strive to instill in them strong character, a positive vision of the future, and the necessary skills to achieve their goals. Recognizing the profound dignity of the person, we believe that every child is a gift worthy of our highest efforts and deepest respect. Our motto, "Together We Can", reflects the collaboration of staff, parents and volunteers that has made our programs successful. We  have developed our character-building activities based on the fundamental principles of the Judeo-Christian tradition.



​Programs supported by the South Bronx Educational Foundation focus on character development through mentoring relationships. The Rosedale Achievement Center and the Crotona Achievement Center provide environments that foster the personal growth of each child. Our participants, drawn from over fifty public and parochial schools, engage in academic tutoring, leadership clubs, music and art,  SAT and high school entrance exam prep, job training and career preparation, and summer programs.


Over 150 volunteers give of their time each year to serve as mentors for our students. Regular communication with parents makes them valued partners in our programs.



With your assistance, we can continue to educate children in the Bronx