Into the Waters of the Working World

“The program gently pushed me into the waters of the working world and guided me through them.” This is how Marie Claire Miluis from Baychester summed up her experience this summer at Rosedale’s Leon G. Cooperman Job Training Program (JTP).

Rosedale student Merissa Emmanuel, from Soundview, discusses career paths with an Acumen employee during a JTP site visit.

This five-week program includes internships at companies and institutions in the New York area and gives Bronx high school girls real experience in the professional world.  For many of them, it’s a real eye-opener. “The Job Training Program not only exposes girls to career paths but, more importantly, opens horizons to a deeper understanding of themselves and an ethical way of living,” said Katerina Wiltz, JTP Coordinator.


To be considered for the program, each young woman prepares a resume and cover letter, and has a job interview at Rosedale.  If accepted, she is placed at one of the internships throughout the city. The program helps students sharpen their skills, discover their passion for a particular field of work or decide on a college major.  As intern Patricia Vila said at the end of the summer, “This program really taught me how to improve my organizational skills.”

First year JTP students after their site visit to PIMCO’s New York office. Victoria Ventolla is third from left, top row.

“The Job Training Program helped me overcome my shyness and opened me up to new opportunities, people and neighborhoods. The ethics classes opened my mind to important topics and real-life problems,” remarked Victoria Ventolla from Throgs Neck, who participated in the program for the first time. Another participant, Leyana Funez, said, “The Rosedale Job Training Program helped me become responsible, independent and change some bad habits that would have affected me later in life.”

Kimaya Magwood from Morningside Heights (left), Leyana Funez from Parkchester (middle), and Patricia Vila from Soundview (right) making investing decisions during the trading simulation game at PIMCO.

In addition to working at internships, the students attend presentations by professionals, classes on workplace ethics, and go on field trips to different organizations. This summer the students visited Acumen, Dow Jones, and Google, where they learned about professional trajectories in technology. They also visited PIMCO, where they participated in a trading simulation game, learned about careers in finance, and visited the trading floor.