SBEF Welcomes New Executive Director

In June SBEF welcomed its new Executive Director, Edwin Dolores. Edwin, a native of the Philippines, moved with his family to New York over thirty years ago. Since then he has worked in a number positions in finance and management, the last being with the shipping company Maersk. “For many years I have admired the work Crotona and Rosedale do with the kids in the Bronx. I am excited to be a part of it. Also, as an immigrant to the U.S., I feel sympathy for these families who are living a new life here. These parents want to see their sons and daughters succeed, and you can tell how much they appreciate the help they are getting at Rosedale and Crotona. These are wonderful programs and I just hope that I can keep them up and even improve them.”


Everyone at SBEF also has expressed their thanks to outgoing Executive Director, Mike Egan, who has led the Foundation for six years. His generous dedication to the programs over the years has definitely made a difference.