23 Girls participate in the 2016 Leon G. Cooperman

Job Training Program

This year 23 high school girls worked at summer internships through Rosedale’s Leon G. Cooperman Job Training Program. The five-week Job Training Program (JTP) offers high school girls real work experience at an internship along with personalized mentoring, field trips and professional presentations. Over the years the program has helped hundreds of young women discover their potential and career path.

The program offers opportunities that students would not find elsewhere. “Thanks to the Cooperman program, we can offer some of our strongest students opportunities that they will remember for the rest of their lives,” says Gabriela Fullon, the Program Director. “Whether it is working in an office entering data or assisting students with special needs, the Job Training Program gives students a combination of mentoring and real work experience that is hard to find in many summer jobs. Students are constantly reflecting on their own progress and contributions to the organization while overcoming the daily challenges, whether it is helping a new colleague feel welcome to the team or juggling three projects and deadlines at the same time.” 

One of the field trips this summer included a visit to the offices of Adobe Systems Inc. in Manhattan, where the students toured the facilities and played with some of the latest technologies. A panel of employees shared their thoughts about career paths in technology and the importance of learning from mistakes and accepting feedback. 

The students also visited Google, the Malcolm Pray Achievement Center, and PIMCO. “Everywhere the girls go, they meet people who are very inspiring and motivating. It is pretty easy for the girls to open up,” said Amairany Hi, a Texas A&M graduate, who volunteered this summer to help in the Jobs Training Program. “The field trips expose the students to different career paths and show them what the real world is like after college.”  

Thanks to the Cooperman program, young girls living in the Bronx have this amazing opportunity to learn, gain experience and develop their skills to become who they want to be tomorrow. Moyra Aguirre-Quiroz, one of this summer’s interns, learned that time management, neatness, and organization are keys to success. “Sometimes procrastination is one of the worse things in life. I have learned that it is always important to keep yourself neatly organized because it helps you come a long way in life.” 
This summer’s interns we placed at the following businesses and institutions:

•    Harry Gordon School
•    Rosedale Achievement Center
•    RAIN 
•    Stonesong Press
•    World Youth Alliance
•    The New York Public Library
•    Madison Strategies Group
•    The Intrepid Sea, Air, & Space Museum
•    Mediterranean Shipping Company
•    Bronxnet Television

By Carmen Luis,

Communications Intern at Rosedale Achievement Center