Character Education

All of our programs emphasize character formation through student-mentor relationships.

We believe that persons of good character possess a highly refined sense of right and wrong, self-control, courage and responsibility to make prudent decisions. These qualities help form leaders who have the willingness to serve the community and the strong convictions necessary to do so.

All Crotona and Rosedale programs are designed to assist students’ growth in virtue, which enables them to struggle and attain the good that they seek. We engage each student intellectually, physically and morally to create an atmosphere in which students feel comfortable, willing, and even hungry to learn. Furthermore, our programs work to enlarge our youths’ vision of life and broaden their perspective on the possibilities that are open to them.

Development of character in young people requires the presence of mentors who themselves have strong personal character. Our staff and volunteers are recruited with this in mind, and both our centers possess years of experience in training mentors to effectively convey character to our students. Also central to our approach is supporting parents as primary educators of their children. We engage them as valued partners in our programs throughout the tenure of their child’s participation.